Fiat 500 Fragrances : What the launch!

More than 70 beauty editors and digital influencers attended the event organised at the Attila&Co. headquarters in Milan for the launch of the new fragrances drawing inspiration from the iconic Fiat 500 and created by Perfume Holding. Welcomed in the garden by a Fiat 500-60 Limited Edition, the guests were immediately plunged into the joyful and irreverent atmosphere of the Fiat 500 Fragrances.


The stars were the fragrances for her and for him: in a setting featuring the flowers and fruit of the bouquet, the two fragrances seduced everyone with their unique design and enticing and teasing sensory notes.  Rita Balestriero, Beauty Editor D La Repubblica, said: “These fragrances are truly exceptional, they convey precisely the sparkling spirit of the iconic 500!”